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ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a nucleotide that performs many essential roles in the cell. It is the cell’s major energy currency, and it acts as an instant source of energy within the cell.

ATP must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP. During the process of cellular respiration which occurs during exercise, Magnesium ions bind to ATP and Oxygen, thereby releasing energy for the tissue’s use. In a nutshell, the higher a cell’s stored supply of Magnesiumthe longer a cell can keep binding Magnesium ions to ATP and Oxygen, thereby releasing energy for the tissue’s use.


Aloe Vera supplies cells with naturally occurring Isoleucine and Threonine, both of which facilitate metabolic support for the building of ATP from nutrients, and Glutamine which supports the maintenance of proper pH-alkalinity during exercise, which is essential for efficient elimination of cellular waste products build up (eg lactic acid.) 

Thus, Magnesi Magic’s pure Magnesium Chloride and certified organic Aloe Vera  proportional concentrates Blends support the creation of the ultimate conditions for efficient energy building, sustained energy release and effective waste products removal within the cellular “engine” – the true cellular “Rolls Royce” conditions for best athletic performance assuming competitive fitness levels are present.

When used as directed before strenuous exercise to build up cellular levels, an animal athlete may be able to use their stored energy for longer periods and fight the build up within cells of the waste products of exercise that typically cause pain, impair mobility and detract from performance. When used after exercise, the cellular “engine” can perform its waste product disposal and tissue rebuilding functions (which also require sustained cellular energy release) for longer, thereby helping to reduce overall recovery time.

Added to this, the natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects traditionally associated with Magnesium and Aloe Vera contribute to freer movement and therefore better, calmer focus by the animal athlete on their athletic activity rather than the distraction caused by high levels of pain or inflammatory discomfort.

Performance Animal Trainers can be confident in the knowledge that Magnesi Magic can assist them to bring out their charges' best performances in a way that is reliable, drug free, totally legal according to the rules of any Sport, and health giving at the same time!