For thousands of years, efficient, superior movement has been the hallmark of winning sports men and women everywhere.

Magnesium has long been recognised as a key activating element essential to the body for over 350 biochemical processes. It plays a vital role in our ability to move efficiently and effectively, being a crucial regulator in the bodily processes related to pain and inflammation mitigation, neuromuscular contraction and control, tissue repair and regeneration and cellular energy production.

Being a macro mineral, Magnesium is used by the body in large amounts and must be constantly and regularly replenished.

The stresses of modern life as well as loss through sweat during exercise can quickly leach cellular magnesium from the body. In fact, such factors as inadequate diet, excessive intake of diuretics like alcohol or coffee and high levels of nervous tension can all quickly lead to cellular magnesium leaching and depletion.

Magnesi Magic is proudly Australian made and owned. Our all natural transdermal magnesium sprays and gels combine concentrated, rapidly absorbed, Magnesium Chloride with the dynamic cellular pH balance-supporting nourishment of certified organic Australian Aloe Vera inner leaf juice and/or Apple Cider Vinegar, a known traditional anti-inflammatory that also cleanses and opens pores to help promote maximum rapid absorption.

Not only Sports men and women but active people along with animal trainers and owners everywhere wanting to fight  muscle and joint fatigue, pain, inflammation,  low energy levels and slow recovery after exercise are discovering the real, tangible benefits of consistent and regular use of Magnesi Magic's powerful, all-natural transdermal sprays.